• LONG-RED-WAVES – Gamiso IPL hair removal devices adopt 640nm long red waves, whose length is longer than other wave colors, can penetrate into the root of hair follicles to get more efficient and long last results
  • UNLIMITED FLASHES – 999,999 flashes are enough for a whole family lifetime use. You will never need to buy a replacement cartridge for it
  • FAST TREATMENT – Supports effortless auto flashing, large areas, such as the back or legs, can be treated in a few minutes. And small areas such as the upper lip can be treated with its manual mode in less than a minute
  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY – 5 different intensities are targeted for various skin types and individuals. We suggest starting at level 1 and increase gradually till find the most suitable one
  • IMPORTANT NOTES – Most customers have noticeable results after an average of three to seven sessions. But part of people may take 8 weeks or so due to individual differences. IPL hair removal devices are ideal for light skin and dark hair, NOT VICE VERSA. DO NOT use this product if your skin is darker than a light olive tone. DO NOT use this product on Tattoo Skin.

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