• Permanent & Safe Hair Removal – Hair removal device helps you to achieve permanent hair removal and smooth skin through breaking the cycle of hair regrowth. The 570~1100nm wavelength of the hair removal device accurately reaches the root of the hair. Even thick, coarse hairs can be easily erased. No more embarrassment caused by a hairy arms or legs!
  • Painless Hair Removal & 999,999 Flashes – The hair remover supports up to 999,999 effective flashes, more than enough to remove hairs for the whole body, armpits, arms, legs. this device brings you smooth skin for good! The pulsed light removes hairs from root, then helps reduce melanin and shrink pores to smooth your skin, no feeling pain and not easy to cause allergy.
  • 5 Energy Levels & 2 Flash Modes – There are 5 energy levels for your choice, the higher the level, the stronger the effect. It’s a very considerate design to take care of different skin types. Even sensitive skin may find a suitable gear. This hair remover also offers two 2 flash modes, namely the automatic mode and the manual mode. You can freely adjust based on your actual needs.
  • Easy & Quick to Use – This hair remover quickly flashes in 0. 9s, so you may complete hair removal for the whole body fastest in 10 minutes. 75% of hair grows slowly and reduces after 4 weeks with the hair removal. It takes about 8 weeks to complete hair removal for good and bring you super smooth skin.
  • Economical & At-Home Hair Removal – Hair removal has adapted the technology for safe use in the comfort of your own home. The hair remover is gentle, simple and convenient to use at home.compared to salon hair removal methods, at home you can get a hair removal effect like a beauty salon and save much cost and time.

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