• Permanent IPL Hair Removal – Our hair removal uses advanced IPL technology, breaking the cycle of hair regeneration. At the same time, the ipl technology can promote the regeneration of skin collagen, restore the original elasticity of the skin, eliminate or reduce wrinkles, and reduce pores. When using this professional IPL hair removal device, it will emit strong pulses and stimulate the hair follicles to enter the dormant period, thus making your skin smooth.
  • 999,999 Flashes Lifetime Use – The newly upgraded 999999 flashes are the peak in history, enough for you and your family to use for life, and you don’t need to buy replacement ink cartridges for the epilator. Our hair trimmer will be your best choice to realize your idea of permanent hair removal.
  • Gentle & Painless – The wavelength of the filter of the epilator is generally 400 billion wavelengths and so on. The greater the wavelength of our hair remover equipment, the more energy is isolated and the less pain. Therefore, it becomes very easy to use the hair epilator to remove hair, which also realizes the idea of easy hair removal at home.
  • 5 Energy Levels & 2 Flash Mode – 5 different energy levels to suit different skins. You can adjust the energy level according to the skin area and hair growth rate. Two modes of flash design can meet your needs for different parts of hair removal. Manual mode is mainly used for small areas of hair remover, such as bikini line, underarms, fingers, lips; automatic mode can be used for larger areas, such as arms, legs, stomach and back.
  • Unique Design – The epilator is made of ABS material, which is very durable. In addition, the material is heat and impact resistant. Facial hair treat equipment that dissipates heat quickly and is not easily deformed can ensure your safety. The appearance design of the hair removal device is also very three-dimensional, which allows you to hold the hair trimmer perfectly so that you can remove hair with confidence.

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