• IPL Technology & 999,900 Flashes: Our hair removal device uses advanced IPL technology, and its laser can through the skin surface to reach the roots of the hair follicle to causes the hair follicle is heated and solidified, make the hair lose its ability to regenerate. It also has 999,900 flash times, can be used for a long time. (Note: flashes’ amount ≠ effective hair removal’s amount)
  • 5 Gears Adjustment: This laser hair removal has 5 different energy intensities. You can choose the right energy intensity setting based on your skin type and the level of energy intensity you feel comfortable with. (Note: for beginners or sensitive parts, suggest to adjust to 1-2 gear. )
  • 2 Flash Modes: Manual Mode + Auto Mode, it can meet your requirements for different areas of hair removal. Manual mode is mainly used for small area, such as bikini line, armpit, lips; Auto mode can be used for large area, such as arms, legs and back.
  • Economical: The ipl hair removal can be used at home. Don’t have to pay high nursing costs, you can achieve the same hair removal effect as a beauty salon, and is more safety and gentle for skin. Generally, successful hair removal after 8-12 weeks.
  • Professional Service: 1. Before using the hair removal device, please read the user manual carefully; 2. If you have any questions, please feel free contact us by email, we will provide professional technology team to service for you.

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