• Fastest flash system: The hair removal device has a smart automatic flash mode with 0. 9s/flash speed. The advanced system of the flawless hair remover makes it very easy to treat the lower leg in 4minutes, underarm in 2 minutes and 1 minute for Bikini hair.
  • Most advanced synchronization of ICY COOL and IPL Technology: The light electrolysis hair removal device uses the IPL hair remover system where intense pulsed light is transferred to the melanin in the hair shaft through the skin surface.
  • Expectation: The IPL hair removal mechanism treats the body hair permanently and prevents them from growing back by breaking their regrowth cycle. With regular use, the body hair will be reduced by 95% permanently.
  • Durable: The hair remover device gives you a lifetime service with unlimited flashes. You don’t need to buy any replacement ever.
  • Worth to buy: 3-in-1: The body and facial hair remover device have 3 lamps for multiple functions. One is for IPL laser hair removal, one for Photorejuvenation and one for ac treatment. Make sure to unplug the device while changing the lamps.

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