Which people/parts should not be used?

Using AHR – armpit hair removal, Which people/parts should not be used?


Hair removal instrument is a very practical hair removal equipment, it can effectively remove the hair on the body, make the skin more smooth and delicate, but also has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, more safe and environmental protection to use.


Use is not recommended for individuals or parts with the following conditions :1. Dry pregnant or lactating people.
2. Skin diseases such as folliculitis, hair follicle occlusion and light sensitivity.
3. Scars, tattoos, acne marks, birthmarks, moles, stains, stretch marks and other parts of uneven skin color. 4. Your hairline is part of your hair and is not recommended.
For details of other special constitutions and body parts, please refer to the manual or contact online customer service.


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